Chocolate, a bit too hot

If you make chocolate a bit too hot,

You can sip it, can you not?

If you warm your cocoa up,

It’s a lot easier to sop and sup.

If it melts and fills your mug,

It gets harder to kiss and hug.

If you warm your brew too much,

You will not fear winter’s touch.

If you bring it to a quick boil,

It will help you ski and toil.

If you sear it with sun’s heat,

It will make your feet quite fleet.

If it becomes a marshmallow tub,

It will give you an in-tummy rub.

If you add a the candiest cane,

It candy-coats any sort of pain.

If you add some cream slightly whipped,

It might leave you alabaster-lipped.

If you drink it when you’re weary,

It will simply make you cheery.

If you drink it when you’re sad,

Then you’re one from a Colgate ad.

If you drink it feeling light,

You can endure whichever fright.

Drink it when and how you will,

It’ll be great, just don’t spill.


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