The replacements

Hi! We heard your pee-cee broke.

It puffed blue and just went “croak”.

You have a warranty and it just woke,

We’re your pee-cee replacement folk.

My name’s Larry and this guy’s Bill.

Just give us a task, show us your will.

We’ll do the math in our number mill.

Get the results with impeccable skill.

You want YouTube? Tell us the song.

We’ll be singing it no matter how long.

WikiWikipedia? We’re never wrong.

But the info retrieval might take bit long.

You want to phone your mom in Greece?

Ok, no prob, just some elbow grease.

Also, some grease for the pigeons and geese.

Carrying your message, piece by piece.

World of Warcraft is your game?

We’ll draw it for you, frame by frame.

You can woo some elven dame.

Behind the facade of your nickname.

You want to know some history of Thor?

No can do, I’m sorry and sore.

Why? You ask, well here’s what for,

You’ve hit the limit: queries, four.


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