Black hole trash can

Might be kind of convenient until it grew too big and swallowed the whole planet.

The other day I found a black hole.

In my kitchen, blacker than coal.

Under my sink, just floating there,

Gravitationally licking the granular air.

I gave it trash to feed on, a test.

It ate it quickly with great zest.

I called my friend to see this wonder,

He thought it might tear the world asunder.

But, after a look, he was just amazed.

Tried it out, his eyes fully glazed.

The whole neighborhood got the new word,

This would eat anything, normal or absurd,

And not leave a single scrap of waste.

Just suck it up with its singular taste.

Soon no one had a need for a bin,

They paid five cents to me with a grin.

When chucking their refuse into the void,

They were blown away as it got destroyed.

After some months, in the surrounding area:

An odd kind of job-related, career hysteria.

All the trash cans, with their new unemployment,

Started to migrate, a bin redeployment.

They left and hoped to find a better life,

In order to support their drawer wife.

So, due to the black hole I had found,

A whole class of people financially drowned.

So if You find a natural, spatial deviation,

Be sure it doesn’t destroy anyone’s vocation.


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