Must be a dream

I had a lucid dream last night; woke up immediately when I got too excited.


I just noticed I’m not wearing pants.

And my eyes are filled with ants.

I can see Mars in my neighbor’s stead.

And a grey gelding turning red.

Must be a dream, this can’t be real.

So now I know what’s this whole deal.

It’s in my head, I can do what I want.

Omnipotent, and I can flaunt.

I rub my hands together real quick

To feel the friction and the heat’s gentle lick.

I’ll stay in the dream much longer that way.

Not wake up till I’ve had my say.

I feel like laughing so I magic up

The comic who won the universe comic cup,

Or a big book way funnier than the rest,

Or just a friend in good mood, that’s just the best,

And take a whiff of laughing gas

Nothing’s gonna stop me from laughing off my ass.

I could also fly like a hero

Or have the cool powers of Sub Zero.

I could talk to anyone I wish,

Like the Moon or any small fish.

Mold the whole world as I see fit,

Then do it over like a sweet b-split.

Pretend I’m fighting dragons and orcs,

In the dark tunnels, Paris’, New York’s.

Become electricity and see with its eyes,

Walk with lighting and fly and rise.

Arrange a meet with trees and sharks,

Bring in some tardigrades and Karl Marx.

Tape the whole thing and then broadcast,

I bet my friends would think that a blast.

Change ol’ gravity sideways for us all,

And take away the pain when you fall.

Make everyone awesome at playing guitar,

Give them each one and tell them to spar.

Put all the people in the same mind,

See what happens when they’re combined.

Go on a trip into the Mariana Trench,

See the fish shaped like hammers and a wrench.

I get excited and my heart starts to pound.

I wake up, with my pillow I’m crowned.


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