Friendly wrestling

It’s also good if you’re feeling tired.

Today I went to see my friend,

A thing to do that I do recommend.

Friends are the best, no matter what,

When sliding on your butt or filling up your gut.

We were feeling a little bit hyper,

Like we’d seen a flying horned viper.

So we decided to have a wrestle.

To make the blood pump in every single vessel.

It’s not a fight, it’s just for fun,

Doesn’t really matter who might have won.

We’re like two puppies rolling on the ground,

Or two kittens with some yarn they found.

I get on top, but just for a second,

Then I’m on the ground; I guess it beckoned.

We’re both laughing as we grapple,

It’s even more fun than a whole candy apple.

After a while it gets too hot,

We run outside to not sweat a lot.

The steam rises off of our heads in clouds,

Should’ve worn a shirt; there are staring crowds.

I don’t care, the rush hides the shame.

That’s the magic of this friendly game.


Talking is a game

Serious matters tend to be a problem, the jokes get a bit distractifying there.

Whenever I talk with you or whomever,

I try my best to be funny and clever.

The way I see it, a talk’s a fun game,

In the losing of which there is no shame.

The only objective is to have good fun,

Tell good stories like a gatling gun.

Rapid fire jokes and silly tales to boot,

Maybe some fables about the house of ill repute.

(By this I mean, of course, the parliament,

Our most expensive and useless ornament.)

When I’m playing, I play to win.

The winning condition: make you grin.

I win often and so do you,

The last time I won was with a kangaroo.

Sometimes you’re almost at the finish line,

But I still want to make the triumph be mine.

I distract you with some silly story,

About some mussel and its past glory.

You spray me with water after I’ve concluded.

A victory for me with a face-wash included.

Spilled milk

Laughing hard with food in one’s mouth can lead to bread in other people’s hair.

Today at lunch I spilled my milk,

It ran down the glass just like smooth silk.

Clear to white in less than a sec,

Milk stains the glass on its short trek.

I almost get annoyed, but not quite,

I lift the glass, both sides white.

Reveal a puddle hidden underneath:

A big smiley face with no teeth.

That’s the shape the milk just made,

When it spilled, escope and strayed.

I find a belly laugh coming from me,

It disturbs every other lunchee.

In my life, it’s often like this;

Bad stuff’s a guise for later bliss.

Might be wrong, I’m not that smart,

But it’s worked so far, ever since my start.

Swimming with sharks and hopping on hippos

There’s way too few animal-related activities in the world.

Just the other day I went swimming with sharks.

Had loads of fun in those sharky aqua parks.

Also a boon for my weight-loss sparks,

They made me lighter with their toothy remarks.

I’ve always wanted to box with a bear,

The boxing gloves are cute, don’t give me a scare.

Not very sturdy, though, if I’m totally fair,

The claws ripped through and let out my air.

In a fairground you can do hippo hopping.

Bounce from back to back is when there’s no stopping.

If you do, their jaws will get chopping,

And the trainers have to do a whole load of mopping.

One of my hobbies is lying to lions.

With weird falsities that do with pseudoscience.

How the antelopes and ants have made an alliance,

With ghosts they demand the lions’ compliance.

Sometimes I like to cheat a silly cheetah.

By selling them leaves and telling them it’s pita,

Taking them to Tokyo and claiming it’s Akita,

Giving them juice with the label “Margarita”.

I really like speaking with spiders,

They’re really nice to all the outsiders.

Showing you their Large-Webron-Colliders,

Giving you the recipes of their famed spider ciders.

The best thing, though, is dreaming with dugongs.

Their fantasies have of a world with no wrongs,

Where everybody’s troubles are erased by songs,

And when you’re lonely, friends come in throngs.

Dream gnome

My dream gnome left me a note last night:

“I broke my ankle as I tried to take flight

From your windowsill, so I’m on sick leave.

I’ll be out at least till New Year’s Eve.”

That made me sad, I like his work.

He’s a fastidious, dedicated clerk.

Filing my dreams all nice and neat,

Finding the good ones that aren’t obsolete.

Keeping it varied with humor and fright,

Maybe some fighting and maybe some flight.

Something to make my heart just race,

Maybe exploring the Sun’s bright face.

But now he’s gone and it’ll be dull,

The best I might see is just a seagull.

It won’t be magic or giant or weird,

It won’t have human arms or a beard.

Just a normal gull, flying on the coast.

Picking up pieces of yesterday’s toast.

I wish Gnomes’R’Us had better healthcare.

So I could continue swooping through air.

Tired eyes

My friend’s eyes get tired real easy,

Especially if it’s even slightly breezy,

Or if she has to stare at a screen,

Or if she doesn’t get her caffeine.

Docs don’t know what’s her whole deal,

They shake their heads at her eyes of teal.

After some thinking I finally cracked the case,

Slippery little thing, had to rush and chase.

You know that one, hazy little saying?

“Being beautiful is hard work, not just playing.”

Her eyes work hard 24/7.

No wonder the exhaustion goes up to eleven.

I told her to give her eyes some advice:

No make-up in the morning is the new price.

No braiding of lashes or powdering the lens.

Eyes aren’t smart, their IQ’s in tens;

Easy to persuade, so my friend won.

Now her life’s a less tired one.

A dewdrop’s morning

I wonder how it feels like to be water.

If I was a dewdrop, I’d wake up on a leaf,

When the rooster crows at the shiny dream thief.

When I yawn and stretch the leaf shakes a bit,

I fall down, do a somersault with a split,

Hit the ground and bend with the force,

Bounce right back and I’m back on course.

While still dizzy, I roll downhill,

The ground pulls me in and it always will.

I’m too big for it to take whole,

I make all the way till the watering hole.

I find my friends, you can’t tear us apart.

For my day, that’s a pretty good start.