Spiders’ eyes

Googling can be fun.

Have you ever looked at the eyes of a spider?

Not a real one, Google search as your glider.

Four, six, eight, they can have lots.

Big and shiny, not just tiny, mean dots.

Some spider eyes have an inborn smile.

It seems silly and not like their style.

Spiders might not but their eyes make me smirk.

Even though my scream is pure knee jerk.

I find it funny that despite my phobia,

I can stare at their eyes without a “nope-nope-nopey-aaah!”

That’s their one, very friendly trait.

Those pretty eyes, I just can’t hate.

Fearing and hating spiders or snakes,

Or whatever else, no matter what the stakes.

Stare at the eyes and it might be,

You’ll forget to fear, just like me.

(At least until you remember their legs,

Those hairy little sticks covered in dregs.)


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