Mr. Roof and Mr. Ceiling

My friend dared me to make a rhyme for ceiling. I like the result.


I know two misters, Mr. Roof and Mr. Ceiling.

Sometimes they get this pretty happy feeling:

They want to cross their strong, trusty arms

To build farmhouses for farmers farming on farms,

Row houses for rowers who’re rowing for roe,

Bungalows for bungeers bungeeing high and low,

Cottages for cot-dwelling ones with no knowledge,

Manors for the fast ones with manners of wattage,

Ranches for the raunchy ones dressing in ranch,

Shacks for the shaggy ones living on a branch,

Tipis for the tea drinking tits on continent three,

Yurts for the Jürgens riding yaks after-ski.

They’re my pals Mr. roof and Mr. Ceiling,

Mr. Roof and Mr. Ceiling: constructional healing.


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