Snowy forest

Walking in the forest is pretty fun.


Today I walked with my dog in the snow.
In the black forest, the woods of the crow.
The snow is clean with a nice, hard crust.
I don’t fall through, in the snow I trust.
There’s some prints of a squirrel and a hare.
A pine cone over there, eaten all bare.
Some needles of a spruce, so very green.
And all the white snow, sparkling clean.
The air’s so crisp that it stings my nose.
I can feel it bite on my fingers and my toes.
The dog doesn’t care, he’s full of joy.
Getting all the smells, who’s a good boy?
The tracks and the needles all worth a whiff.
With every scent there’s a loud new sniff.
A mound in the snow and he goes for a mark.
Same goes double for the giants of bark.
Then there’s a mound that’s really quite big.
A pile of snow that he starts to dig.
Scoopity scoop and then he growls
Barks two times and then he howls.
The mound starts to move and to shake and stir.
Under the ancient, tall, green fir.
It’s a snow troll, white and drowsy.
Just woken up, feeling very lousy.
They’re quite rare but here there’s one.
I’ve never seen one so this is quite fun.
They’re not too wild but can hurt you.
In that way quite like a small gnu.
They taught us how to soothe them in school.
I knew how as I’m not a big fool.
Didn’t look at him, you can’t do that.
And with a voice of a normal chat:
”Mene peikko poes elä meille ruppee
Pistä se vihas siihen tunnetuppee.”
He grinned me his fun, snow-white grin.
Then went back to the dream he was in.
As I got home I told mom about the troll.
She was glad I’d made it back whole.
She made a call to the troll sighting line.
They’d send someone to make a big sign.
People will now know to stay well away.
That’s one good thing we did this day.


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