Rephrasing and elaborating

Saying things in different ways is fun that lasts for days and days.

You can thank and you can praise and there is corn and there is maize.

You can say that the sun has rays or you can say it’s a fiery blaze.

If you want to write good essays, then it’s good to do a rephrase.


I think I’m good at carrying things.

Can be said with longer strings:

I’m an expert at transporting goods

From your house to some distant woods.

Using the machine that’s powered by food:

My own meatsuit that makes me a dude.


I think that I really, really like you,

Can take more than two plus two:

When you’re here I giggle and smile,

My cheeks hurting is the sole trial,

I start shaking and my knees turn weak.

I see you and it makes my whole week.


Food is a thing that’s just plain awesome

Is a short sentence that’s fit for a possum:

If I eat, the sun starts to shine.

I feel great when I lunch and dine.

When having dinner I joke and laugh.

Food makes life fun times two and a half.


Look outside and you see it’s raining

A longer line, you won’t be complaining:

Dihydrogen monoxide from the blue sky

In liquid form that learned how to fly.

It gets together to form some pools

Big and beautiful, blue, wet jewels.


I could say that it’s darn hot

With some other words that I’ve been taught:

The temperature of my environment now

Brings a mix of stuff on my glistening brow.

It cools me down by its evaporation.

Makes me feel less of the hotness-vexation.


When it’s pitch black, a sack full of dark

A longer one makes it more than a lark:

There’s no light here that could weave

Images for my eyes to spot and receive.

This creates a real, lifelike illusion

That there’s no world, a short-lived delusion.


If I happen to hear a very good song

I could make the words nicer and long:

There are sound waves that have some rhythm

And a nice melody that I can just fathom.

They reach my ears and hit my brain;

I know it’s human and it keeps me sane.


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