In this one, a knighting happens.


I have a friend, he was just knighted.

He got sooo happy, puppy-dog-excited.

A bit perplexed as well as delighted.

When asked why, they quickly cited:


They gave the definition of sir and dame.

You have to perspire, it can’t be tame.

You have to inspire, lots or no fame.

There has to be a word that rhymes with your name.


He inspires all the friends he’s got.

He perspires when he pants (a lot).

He also knows the knightly trot.

That’s because we call him Spot.


When they knighted Spot, he sniffed the blade.

When the Queen was lonely, he went to her aid.

He panted so much they called for a maid.

Now Spot’s glory will never, ever fade.


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