Smiling and biting

One of the things that nice people do

They always take care not to make you feel blue.

They think of their friends, me, and you.

They can empathize with a fox or a gnu.


I have a friend and she’s super nice.

She always checks if you have enough rice.

But one fine day, I had to look twice.

Niceness so great, embiggened one slice.


What she did, was she gave a smile.

That’s ok, happens every nanomile.

The smiled-at-thing, wasn’t our friend Kyle.

Nor did it have the animal style.


She, the smiler, and the smilee.

Did not share any family tree.

To know this, don’t need a degree.

The smilee had fallen from a fruit tree.


It was an orange, plump and bright.

She then told me: smiling and light:

Is what they need to make them feel right.

To me that was one surprising sight.


Oranges are sensitive, don’t you know?

Smiling at them makes them grow.

They feel better in your teethy glow.

That’s why I always smile when I hoe.


Wouldn’t you too, if you were a banana,

Want people to be nice, wouldn’t you Anna?

You can just be jolly, like wise old Santa.

Or an explorer who saw fata morgana.


Being nice means, no mastication.

You don’t bite your friends, you sweet, sweet Haitian.

Unless you’ve read the long citation

From our own mastication contemplation.


We made a book on how you should bite

People you like without having to fight.

The body part matters; Do get it right!

Also the time: day, tea or night.


Ignorance here can break your clan.

It can lead to a family fest ban.

Only because you bit the wrong man.

At the wrong time, on a place with no tan.


It can also alienate friends.

Yes, you can try to make good amends.

Write a long note with the best of pens.

But they can’t read it, you bit their lens!


As you can see, biting can be hard.

Read our book, relations won’t be scarred.

By masticating wildly, with zero regard.

Bad masticatory actions don’t get a green card.


You can also call Informatino.

He’s our own knowledgeable Latino.

He’ll tell your very own, cute bambino

How to bite, and who, and where in Reno.


I don’t quite know how we got here.

But now you know, my sweet friend dear.

Smile at fruit, I made that clear.

Think before you bite and you’re all clear.


2 thoughts on “Smiling and biting

  1. This spoke to the child in me.
    I have a friend who was born into a large family.
    He said the first thing that he ever learned to to was protect himself.
    How did he do this, one might ask?
    He bit their ankles.
    Perhaps I will show him this,
    so he may learn.


    • If this spoke to the child in you, I succeeded, so thank you for your comment. Learning how to bite is indeed a very vital skill to have in a big family, and a wonderful thing to have to learn. However, I don’t think that this is a very functional guide, but I guess one can learn things from anywhere.

      Liked by 1 person

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